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Woody the movie

Thanks to Mr. ISAAC and I can now show and let you hear a little of the turning-a-tree-into-a-skateboard-proces! Every board is hand made by the guy in the video which is also yours truely. Hi! It’s all in Dutch off course but it comes down to this: Fuck plastic, ride wood!


Amsterdamse Bos Series

yeah! Here they are! Finally! Fresh from the workshop: The Amsterdamse Bos x Woody Skateboards Series! Consiting of two longboards, a CNC milled cruiser and a Fish. Made from Ash and Cherry which have been felled in the Amsterdam Forest over the last two years. Exclusively avaiable at the Amsterdamse Bos winkel. The Ash+Cherry longboards […]



Some girl walked in today with this baby! Or the other way around, whatever. Guessing it’s a Hobie board since it looks like one and it’s got Hobie wheels under it. BUT it’s made up of 5 layers! Which Hobie’s do not have, right? The Lazer trucks are frikkin awesome! Anyway it’s a piece of […]



In a couple of weeks I’ll be upgrading to a new workshop! It’s not as pittoresque as the one I had before, at Tafeboom, but it is more spacious and a bit more mine! It’s located just a few minutes from where I reside, the place is called JaiNdus and is located on the Europalaan 41, […]