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Proud to say Eindhoven in Utrecht is now selling Woody Skateboards! Just dropped off two of my prettiest boards at this awesome design store. It is located at the Oude Gracht in Utrecht, drop by if you want to try some real wood! The Pelikaan+Eykman CNC milled cruiser and the Pelikaan Kop&sʇǝǝɹʇ fish are in […]


Normally I’d shout FUCK PLASTIC at any penny or globe board, made from the same stuff that kills too many turtles and other sea creatures all around the world. But fot these boards it’s different! Bureo boards are made from recycled fish nets which are collected from local Chilean fishermen. Check em out!


I’ve been (long) boarding for quick some time now but I never really got into the tricks and shortboarding. Somehow I stuck with surfer style skateboarding and did not mind at all. Specially when I saw Jay Adams in Dog town & Z-boys. His early style is what I think is skateboarding. Ahoy Jay Adams!


We paid a visit to the oldest skatepark in the Dutchlands; Snakerun in Oldenzaal. Great park from an era before all the sick tricks and fancy boards. Great times and the Prinses Margriet proved to be worthy!


Vorige week kon ik een paar uurtjes aan de slag met de cnc frees van iFabrica! Nathan, directeur van de Kromhouthal, wilde graag een boardje van Amsterdams Iepen met een logo van de Kromhouthal erin! Geen probleem bij Woody. Hopelijk binnekort meer van deze sicke boards van de frees!